Riding Greenland Hostel

Riding Greenland Hostel has both private and shared rooms. There is free Wi-Fi and free use of a washing machine for the guests. 

Price per person (50% for children up to 12 years):

400DKK bunkbed/shared room/own sleeping bag

500DKK bunkbed/shared room/made up bed with bed linen

500DKK singlebed/private room/own sleeping bag

600DKK singlebed/private room/made up bed with bed linen

200DKK own tent/using the hostels facilities

100DKK breakfast

200DKK lunch

300DKK dinner & desert

You can set your tent up nearby the hostel, in an area between the hostel and the sea.


170DKK per person, coffee and tea (8-13)

215DKK per person, coffee, tea and lunch (8-15)

350DKK per person, dinner catered by Cafe Thorhildur

1.000DKK unlimited group

1.500DKK unlimited group, cleaning included