Buggy Tours

We offer both guided buggy tours and rental of buggy, if you wish to drive on your own. 


Guided buggy tours:

800DKK per person 2.5 hours of a guided tour

1.300DKK per person 3.5 hours of a guided tour





210DKK luggage transfer from Qassiarsuk to farm

300DKK person transfer from Qassiarsuk to farm

Rental of buggy:

2-person buggy

6-persons buggy

Send us an e-mail to make an agreement of date and time. It is required to have experience in driving a buggy or ATV.

It is mandatory to wear a helmet while driving. 

There is 80-100km dirtroad in and nearby Qassiarsuk.

All driving vehicles must drive carefully and slowly, since the entire area has many lamb and sheep, that is the lifestock of the farmers. It is not allowed to drive off-road. Of respect to the privacy of the farms, it is not allowed to visit a farm unattended.