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Single room

Riding Greenland Hostel

Each guest gets her own room in Riding Greenland hostel at Qassiarsuk. Two nights of the tour will be spent in a farm called Tasiusaq, and we will stay in their hostel with shares bedrooms and one shared toilet with shower.

The hostel has a few bathrooms with showers that the guests will share.

There is internet at the hostel, free wifi. But during the rides there will mostly not be any reception at all.

Please bring slippers that you can wear in the hostel.

Breakfast, lunch or lunchbox, dinner and desert are all included in the tour. 

We do not serve vegetarian or vegan meals at the hostel. Food at the local store is very limited in Qassiarsuk, and we never have fresh fruit and vegetables at the store. We mainly serve local lamb, beef and fish from the area. We might also serve carobou and muskox that are all greenlandic, this depends on if we can buy some from local stores in the nearby towns. 

There is a local cafe in the village Qassiarsuk, called Café Thorhildur, that sells souvenirs, food and drinks.

There is a small local store in the village Qassiarsuk, that sells food.

If you wish to go to the nearby towns Narsaq or Qaqortoq, you can find boat transfers by Polartut, Blue Ice Explorers or Diskoline. There are no road connections between villages and towns in Greenland, only by boat or by helicopter or plane, you are able to get to others places in Greenland. You are also welcome to ask Riding Greenland for advice, or help to get tickets. Riding Greenland has worked closely with Polartut and Blue Ice Explorer with arranging guests to go see other places nearby Qassiarsuk. 



11.05.2020 16:37

Dorte Vangsø Simonsen

Jeg vil meget gerne ringes op ang ferie med ridning i juli md.
Vh Dorte.

20.06.2018 14:55

Susan Shoemaker

I am interested in rides for 2019

Thank you Susan

24.08.2018 22:20

Naasu Lund

Hi Susan. Contact me on our email: and we can write together about this :) kind regards Naasu